June 15th: Because of a LiveJournal community called "slayerscontest", I've written a new Slayers fic. It's only about Gourry, though. Oh, well. Maybe in time...

Dec 25th (2004): Yeah, I had to put the *year* because I didn't want anyone to think I'd lost my mind or time was rolling backwards (hey... it's been known to happen, right?). I put up a picture - yes, a single picture, demmit - in the fanart section. I know, I'm lame. I'm working on revising the 'about me' section, as it hasn't been updated in about three to four years. Also, I may be opening a seperate part of the page soon to house everything I've been working on in the past three years - WinAmp skins, Sims skins, you name it. Unfortunately, most of it is Weiß Kreuz. Fortunately, I think there's still some Slayers stuff mixed in. Or could be. Or will be. Can't really get away from that Slayers, now can ye? :D

Dec 28th: I got bored today and made a Lost Universe Character Selector. Everyone should take it to see if it's working properly, dammit! That, and it's damned fun! ^^

Dec 26th: Okay, so I got off my dead ass *again* and updated. ^^ This time I posted "The Slayers Horror Picture Show" in the fanfics section. That's all!

Dec 24th: Yes, I know I'm lazy, but I've been on a damned boat for 7 of the past 8 weeks! ;_; Anyway, I just finished a new page layout that should be up within an hour or two, and I have a new fic. Unfortunately, it's only Val/Syl, but hey, it's better than nothing, right? I guess depends on whether you like cows or not. O_o Oh, should be a new Pic O' The Week, too!

Sept 26th: Went and updated some stuff on the Fun Stuff page. New Pic o' The Week *gee, love how that was SO accurately named, don't you?* and new feature called "Last Man Standing". So I stole the name from the Wizard article of the same ilk, so sue me. The first one is Kane Blueriver VS Tenchi Masaki, so please check it out! ^-^ And before i forget, have any of you checked out my LiveJournal? Yes, I'm just such a frickin' fascinating person that you should all read about my mundane, boring Otaku life. If anyone else has one of these, please let me know, though, kay?

Sept 3rd: After a good 3 weeks on the boat, I'm back. I uploaded something me and Nemiko did at the spur of the moment this afternoon on my new laptop in the van. ^_^ It's a "vid fic" to "Bitches" by Insane Clown Posse. White Rappers in clown makeup. Just what the world needs. It's in the Fun Stuff section, if you're interested.

July 29th: Well, after being on the damned boat for a week, I come back and finish a songfic in roughly six hours. O_o Damn, I'm frightened of me now. But the new fic is in the fanfic section. It actually turned out better than I thought! And I think I even managed to capture the mood of the song, too! ^_^

July 14th: Out with a new MSTing. This has to have been one of the single most painful experiences of my life, but I think the end result is acceptable. PLEASE go look at this MST! I didn't drink all that tea to get this done for nothing!

July 11th: Up goes the new songfic. Maybe I'm getting back into the grove? Nah, don't wanna jinx myself. But I did put up two little short fics today that are both on crack. There's also a new Pic o' the Week. Which never gets updated weekly for some reason. Huh.

June 19th: Another small update before I go to work today! I put the Zelgadis Sim Skin up in Fun Stuff! Yay! Now you, too, can torment your very own little chimera!

June 19th: Wow, things are lookin' different around here! Got inspired by another one of those damned Stevie Nicks songs and made a new layout. There's also a new fanfic up *HUZZAH!*, and a link to my lemon page. ^_^ Please have fun!

May 29th: I know, I know I've been promising a fanfic, but dammit, this just took all my attention! ^_^ I now have Sim Skins to show for it! Currently, there are four up, and they should work with any system you have, PC or Mac. Since I don't have meshes for them, you don't have to worry about them crashing your game! ^_^ Fun!

May 13th: Updated Pic o' the Week! *three weeks after the last time. Damn, my timing's wonderful, neh?* There are also a few more new random things thrown here and there. Two new fanarts, a little banner/button thingie on the front page, and that's about it. ^_^ Enjoy!

April 22nd: Just a teensy tiny update, but after about 5 months, I finally updated the Pic o' the Week! ^_^ This time it's from the Lost Universe tankubon #2! Okay, that's about it. O_o

April 12th: Finally! New schedule's still limiting my writing time, but fear not! I've posted some Top Ten lists and a little fanart! I'm really hoping to be able to write something soon! I'm stiffling over here!

Mar 15th: GEEZ! Bet you guys thought I'd never get around to updating again! Heck, I was having doubts, myself! Things have been so hectic around these parts, though! I've had to move *twice!* and I'm stationed at a new command! My compy time is limited, but I'm trying to make the most of it! Anyway! New fanart in the fanart section! New fic up in the fanfic section! Please take a look, as I really had fun doing it! Be warned, though: It's a riff of another fic, and it's about 120 pages long, start to finish! Boy, that's a great way to kill a weekend!

Jan 10th: Did I REALLY finish that last chapter in three days!? Anyway, the last chapter of Arrangement is up! Go take a look! Also, I've added a handy, dandy "last updated" blurb at the bottom of the index page! Wai! How handy!

Jan 7th: After SUCH a long delay, I've put up the third chapter of Arrangement! Wai! Soon I'll be out of school and I'll have ALL sorts of free time to write with, so things SHOULD pick up here. ^_~ Stay tuned!

Dec 29th: Just put up the newest chapter of "Arrangement"! Please go check it out! I really like how this story is coming along, in all its white, white WHITEness! I also put another pic up in the fanart section! I am debating making a hentai webpage as sort of an offshoot of this page. You guys tell me what you think, kay? I'd love to hear thoughts or suggestions on it! Thankies!

Dec 25th: Believe it or not, I HAVE updated since the last time, I just forgot to mark it down! ^_^;; The Fun Stuff page is working now, so go look, and laugh *or groan, depending on your constitution*. Also, two new fics are up! Wai! One is a Christmas-y fic full of holiday cheer *and eggnog... huzzah!* and the other is my typical ANGST. So enjoy!

Dec 2nd: Well, I suppose you're looking at this and figuring out that, yes, there have been a few changes around here. ^_^ I like this version of the page, it looks so much more interesting than before! As soon as I fill out the "Fun Stuff" page, I'll go back to writing nummy fanfics, so expect the next one out in about... ohhh, a month at the shortest. ^_^;; Ja ne!

Nov 17th: Finished "A Summoning", finally! ^_^ I'll probably take a small week or two long hiatus from writing in order to do more fanart and watch more TV. Like I watch anything but anime and Teletubbies,anyway. But I hope to get a lot more pics drawn, and maybe a new page!

Nov 15th: Geez, has it really been that long between updates? I'm sure I've put SOMETHING up in the past 15 days. O_o Maybe I was just too lazy to put it on the Updates page? Anyway, just a tiny update once again. Another part of "A Summoning". I need to write faster, huh? O_o

Nov 1st: An even tinier update than last time! Just the new part to my newest fic "A Summoning". I like it! ^_^

Oct 28th: Just a small update this time, I put up a few new world-shaking links and the first part to a new fic! How lovely!

Oct 24th: I put up a new fic and a few new pics! Just so ya know!

Oct 16th: I've actually been updating and adding small things randomly for a while now, but look! I have two new fics up, and a few new piccies! Hopefully I can get a few more ficcies out soon!

Sept 25th: Wuhell! Lookit this! I got a whole bunch of new buttons, as I'm just learning to use my new Paint Shop Pro program. I made some of the old buttons look better, and I put up fanart and links pages! I even got header piccies up on the About Me and Fanfic pages! I accomplished a lot! ^-^ Wai! I even aquired a button and a banner! All sorts of neat stuff up here, and look! All the links work now! Yay!

Sept 18th: Yatta! I just got up a new ficcie! Something to read, neh? Hopefully, by the end of the week I can have that loverly 404 missing page up, or even better, a banner or a button for my page! Wai! Expect another fic within the week as well!

Sept 13th: Ohhh, I've finally figured out how to make little title thingies! Wow! I'm randomly re-working this page, and should have another ficcie done along with some header pics for the different pages... and hopefully a links page *I have a bunch of them, don't worry ^_~* and a fanart page. Boy do I have a LOT of fanart that needs colored. ^_^;; Something to look forward to! Ja ne!

Aug 22nd: Wow! Lookit the front page! I finally stopped being so damn lazy and put something ON it! Yay! That's about it. Hopefully I'll have a new ficcie or two to grace you with later on!

Aug. 16th: Lookie! I actually got my phone turned on here and got to update! Lucky! I put up the Fanfic page *finally* with two of my own ficcies *someone PLEASE throw me a frickin' bone here and send some in, right?*. Later this week, I wanna put up my button and headline that I have made. Hopefully I'll even get banners or better yet, a "Missing" page! ^-^

July 17th: Don't laugh, I paid a whole sixty bucks for this. Made my front page *yay.* and put some funky li'l piccies up on it. Not much, granted, but alas, I am sans scanner. When I get that back, this page will be better, I promise!

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