So, you've decided it's time to move on with your web journey. Here're a collection of my favorite hang outs, as well as some of my friends' places!

And if you would like to link to me, I am in fact Link Free, meaning I don't mind my button or banner on your page! ^_^ So in case you want to put them there, here they are!
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Xellos, Filia, and General Slayers Pages

A sweet little page about the purple one! Full of cute stuff and a nice page design!

A page dedicated to Filia! It was actually one of the first Filia shrines I'd ever seen and it's lovely! It's full of great information, editorials, and of course fanart and fanfiction!
Lina's Crappy Construction Company
Home of BattleJoy Walton and Slayers Guardian! Her fanfic page has to have one of the cutest pics I've ever seen in my life on it! Mmmmm, morning glory seeds....
Sea of Chaos
A wonderful Slayers page with tons of information, screenshots, MP3's, and even games! I beat Phibby at Hangman, and scared the hell outta my friend Ange while she watched me master Slayers Trivia!
Phoenix-chan's Slayers MP3 Horde
A page full of Slayers MP3's... hmmmm, what's not to love? You can get just about any image song you can think of here, too! *Although for some reason her link to "But, But, But" seems to be broken ;_;* I definitely suggest Valgaav's image songs, as they are very Judas Priest-ish and cool, as well as Xel's image songs, even though they tend to freak me out through their GENKI-ness. Gourry's song is pretty nice, too, in that bouncy, happy, 80's hair metal band kinda way.
Misao's Xellos Shrine
This page has so many interesting things on it! And being the very visual person I am, I absolutely love her little buttons that take you to the different pages. Especially the one of Xel firing Galveria *wants to see that episode SO badly ;_;*
Mysterious Ways
A lovely Xellos site that my friend Psy happened to find for me one day, and probably the first place I learned that Xellos' true form is indeed an immensely powerful black cone. O_o Then I read synopsis of the Japanese Slayers Novels and found out that it is in fact true. I am still freaked out to this day.
Let's Fight!
From the same talented person who brought you Mysterious Ways comes Let's Fight! Ohhh, how I love this little Valgaav page! It even has a drinking game on it! *"But would Valgaav approve?""Yes, I think he would."* It's also full of MP3's, wallpapers, and even a discription of the five Dark Star weapons! *is still wondering which weapons Canal and Alice are -- So I've not seen that far in Lost Universe, so sue me!*
A page dedicated to Mazoku, and one purple one in particular! It has a ton of information, mainly dealing with the Mazoku heirarchy and even which spells draw power from which Dark Lords *my favorite is still the Zelas Gooto! :D Although that one Val Flare that Halcyform used in one episode has me wondering.... hmmmmmm....*

Don't let the Anthy and Utena motif on the main page fool you! This site has a few good Xellos and Filia sites under its banner, including Royal Colors, Demon Boy, and Dragon Girl *soon, anyway*! And the webmistress is a sweety, too! ^-^
PSHA!~Psycho Sailah Humah Archives
While this was originally meant to be a Sailor Moon humor archive, the creators eventually wandered away from that show and into other anime, particularly Slayers. It's hella funny, and I highly recomend going there!
Freak's Variety Show
More of the same PSHA! type wackiness, but this time it mainly revolves around Slayers, and in particular, Xellos. And a nostalgic homage to the Cosby Show and Sesame Street! ;_; *sniff* So beautiful!
It's a Secret
What a nifty li'l Xel/Fil page! It even has it's own little fan comics to go with it!
Darkness Rising
So many Slayers fanfics! And there's even a handy dandy cross-reference to help you find only the fics about the character(s) you love! It could take DAYS to wade through all the delicious ficcies!

Xellos' Abode
A li'l site by a great fan author with so many Xellos fics on it! Gee, can you tell I like Fics?
Slayers Domain Group!
A lovely little webring type-thing of which I am currently a member! From it, you can find so many other wonderful Slayers pages!

*hyperventilates* I can't get enough of this site! What awesome fanart, even if it is in directory/index style! And her way spiff fanfic "Slayers Always" is there, too! *Rezo/Rick torture... oh, give me more!*
Blossoming Affections
An awesomely huge site/club full off all sorts of Xel/Fil fics! Wai! Just what the doctor ordered!
A Japanese site that has an English menu. The fanart is delightful and so pretty! And look at her Novels, even if you can't read Japanese; each one has a small illustration to go with it!

Friends of Mine, and Their Wonderful Sites!
Yes, this is the portion of the show where I shamelessly plug sites of my bestest net-friends in the whole, wide world! These are the people I RP with, and their sites, while not wholely Slayers based, still have some parts that are Slayers involved. Well, most of the time, anyway. ^_~

My friend Stacy's page, full of her fabulous fan art, and a little section about our RPG, TRRPG! She even hosts a contest for the lucky visitor who hits a certain number on her guest counter ~ she will draw a piccie by request for that special person!

Home of one of my bestest web-friends, Psycat! She's got a whole gallery of her beautiful piccies, including a section or five dedicated to bishounen! It's full of her favorite obsessions, and believe me, she has many. ^_~

Rhiannon's web page, full of her wonderful fan art and fan fics! And probably the only otaku on the internet who likes Stevie Nicks as much as me! ^-^

Auryn's Kaji *of Evangelion fame* shrine, just chock full o' scruffy-double-agent goodness! And, yes, Auryn, you still owe me that damned Raspberry ice cream! I won't be convinced till you show it to me!

Chibi Team Rocket's site, fully dedicated to her various anime *mostly Team Rocket/Pokemon* artwork! Stop by there and take a look around! Show her some love!
Nira no Kamo's Nest
My friend Chexter's homepage, full of her odd, off-beat creations, and her fics concerning her character, Cerulite! Swing by and take a look!
Black & White
Another page by my friend CTR on her newest obsession, Geagleshipping! A brand new page on Eagle Vision and Geo Metro from the fabulous series Magic Knight Rayearth 2. So go check it out! If for no other reason than Eagle's a hottie. ^_~
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