Dec 24th: Just when you thought it was safe to browse the internet again... hehehehe... I slapped up another doujin tonight. You better appreciate this one... it's 46 pages long! Enjoy!

Sept 21: Hey! I DIDN'T abandon this page after all! MWAH! There's a new fic by me up in the fanfics section! And if Suten Isis will finish that second chapter of her dark lemon, I'll put the whole chapter up, too! ^-^ Wai!

June 12th: Oh, sweet mother of mercy, lookit that. An update! Yes, folks, that's right! I just put up a sweet new story by Suten Net! ^_^ I'm so happy! Hopefully, I will get off of my lazy ass soon and scan those dirty books in for everyone to look at. I've also got some NON-hentai doujin, imagine that!

Jan 17th: Wow, finally my first real update! Shifting things around in the administrative dept, where files go, etc. But most of all, I put up an honest-to-gosh fanfic! Hopefully there'll be more interesting things going up today as well!

Dec 29th: Okay, so I have a little time on my hands and a dirty imagination. So sue me! This is my very own little hentai paradise! ^_^ Ain't it purty? Forthcoming are actual THINGS to go on this page. Like... fics... or... art... or something. Something to look forward to, huh?

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