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3H or "Happy Hentai Home"

A little known secret site where I do most of my doujinshi shopping from. The proprietor of this site, Toshi, is such a sweety! Even if you don't have money to buy anything from him, at least look at the site, for no other reason than Toshi's hilarious use of the English language. *i.e. "They piss off Ami and attack her. To attack her, they use her beeper as a viblator. Then they page her and attack her."*

A long running hentai fanfic site full of all sorts of hentai fanfics, from many different anime! Unfortunately, there's not too many Slayers fics there, unless you happen to like either a) Nagha or b) Xel/Lina, Xel/Zel pairings. Although there IS this hilarious story about Nagha, Sylphiel, and Filia (?!) tying Gourry to a bed...

MWAH!  Lemon Meringue Pie!

A site dedicated to nothing but Slayers lemon fics! Yay! Although they still don't have much in the way of Xel/Fil-ness. But then again, nowhere does. O_o dammit.

Equal Hentai Rights For Women

A wonderful hentai site run by a friend o' mine, Fillia-chan, full of DBZ, Fushigi Yuugi *mmmmmm, Tasuki.....*, and Slayers hentai! Wai!

My... uh... non-hentai site. Just for reference here. ^_^ Same subject matter, more child-friendly ratings.

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