She looks like one of the Dirty Pair, doesn't she? O_o

Okay, so I admit there's not much here as of right NOW, but there will be soon! I'll accept submissions from anyone, unlike the main Violet and Gold fic archive. So please, if you want to see something of yours up here, by all means, send it in!

Filia's in heat and guess who goes to check on her...

Dark Chocolate Kisses
A fic which can only be described as Xel/Fil/Chocolate Syrup/ANGST. Yes, I did manage to combine Chocolate Syrup and ANGST in a lemon. I am so pathetic. ^_^;;

by Suten Net
Inspired by the doujinshi "Yameru Hanataka", Filia tries to atone for the sins of her race to Valgaav. First in a trilogy ~ hopefully more to come soon! ^_^

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