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This is a place reserved for all the crazy, far-out, crack headed things I and my friends dream up together. I made this mainly because there was no where else on my page things like "The Morning Glory Report" or my Top 10 lists could go. A note of warning first, though: I'm not a very PC person. Hell, I work around a bunch of 19-year old guys if that's any indication. Naturally, I'm sure some of my material will offend some of the more *coff*sensitive*coff* viewers out there. So if you have any objections to pimps, bitches, or players, then please don't flame me! And that being said, on with the show!

Top 10 Lists

*Top 10 Things Xellos Does On His Day Off
*Top 10 Things Found Underneath Xellos' Bed
*Top 10 Nicknames We've Found For Filia
*Top 10 Reasons to Attend Sailor Moon's Sweet Sixteen Party
*Top 10 Things We Wanted to Hear In Try
*Top 10 Reasons Lina & Gourry Shouldn't Be Together
*Top 10 Reasons Zel & Amelia Just Wouldn't Work
*Top 10 Reasons Filia & Xellos Wouldn't Work Out
*Top 10 Reasons Nagha Belongs With Gaav
*Top 10 Favorite Alternative Slayers Couples
*Top 10 Reasons Sylphiel Rules
*Top 10 Reasons Amelia Sucks
*Top 10 Reaons Filia Sucks
*Top 10 Reasons Gaav Should Date My Mom
*Top 10 Reasons Phibby & Martina Should Get Together
*Top 10 Reasons Asuka Sucks
*Top 10 Excuses for Alt-shippyness
*Top 10 Uses For Zelgadis

Xellos' Report on the Morning Glory

The Pic of the Week
Updated: Dec 24th!

Slayers Sims Skins!

Last Man Standing

Kane Blueriver (Lost Universe) VS Tenchi Masaki (Tenchi Muyo!)

Shiri no Hintu Lemon Scented PWP Brand Cleaning Solution Ad
The Shiri no Hintu Anti-Lemon!
Slayers Ghetto: Bitches!
Which Lost Universe Character Are You Most Like?
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