Doesn't she remind you of Emeraude from Rayearth? O_o

Ahhh, fanfics... Are there anymore wonderful things on the internet than fanfics? How else are we all supposed to get our mush quotent out of the characters we love? ^_~
Well, I decided that this is gonna be my own little niche of the web, to put up my own ficcies. So I'm not accepting them from anyone else. Ah, well, such is life. But I'm always coming up with something new, so this should always be interesting....

The Crucible
Xellos gets a new set of orders, but these weren't exactly what he was expecting...
To Meet You
A big, long shippy poem that spans over a thousand years! Homer, eat your heart out over here!
Cursed Blood
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Filia contracts a deadly disease, but she doesn't die... at least not technically....

Kaworu, In the Bowels of Hell
A random fanfic about puppies, marshmellows, androgynous anime characters, and of course, Hell!

A poem, this time from Xellos' point of view. One would think I'm Emily Dickenson over here or something.

Battle of the Dragon
Oh, dear. CD wrote a songfic. An ANGSTy songfic....

A strange fairy tale about a disgruntled stone boy in a tower... and radishes.

The Sixty-Four Thousand Gold Piece Pyramid
Naga hosting her own game show? Oh, Heaven help us all...

A Summoning
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Filia learns a very special little spell and summons something very interesting....

Doing The Best I Can
I felt particularly festive this holiday season, so here's a nice little holiday songfic!

Chapter One: Something Old...
Chapter Two: Something New...
Chapter Three: Something Borrowed...
Chapter Four: Something Blue...
Filia's called back to the Fire Dragon King Sanctuary, but what for? That crazy old coot, Saichuro, is up to something, and Xel's gonna find out what!

Lost Lighthouse

A Slayers-type take on Mystery Science Theatre 3000, join CD and the new crew of the Swordbreaker as they review/destroy fanfics of the Slayers variety!

Slayers Return Again: Part A ~ Fillia Mettallium
Slayers Return Again: Part B~ Fillia Mettallium
Lina's half-Mazoku, Dynast is out to get them all, and lots and lots of gratuitous romance. This took me a while to get done, so you'd all better appreciate it!

Gourrigan's Island: Four Episodes ~ Micheal the Red Priest
Quite possibly the most SI *self-insertion* I have ever seen in one Slayers fic, and none of it's good. If you are a Xel/Fil supporter, you're not going to like this fic at all. And if you're not a Xel/Fil supporter... why the hell are you on my page? O_o

King Thrushbeard
A favorite fairy tale of mine from when I was a child, Slayers style. Yes, I suck.

Another songfic, this one to Mask by Masumi Okui. This damned song got stuck in my head for about a week straight, so I felt compelled to write a fic about it. So sue me.

Seven Wonders
Yes, yet ANOTHER songfic. And this one is to a song Stevie Nicks sang for Fleetwood Mac. Yes, I am obsessed, what makes you ask? Random desert ponderings brought to you by the power of Stevie Nicks!

After the Rain
A random Val/Syl fic I made over the course of two months out to sea. It's sugary, cow-milking fun, nothing more. ^^

The Slayers Horror Picture Show
You've read all kinds of fics... but you've never read anything like... The Slayers Horror Picture Show! Xellos as Frank! Lina as Janet! Gourry as Brad! Especially designed to make alt-shippers squirm!

Blind Within the Light
Gourry recalls his last memory of his family. Written for the LiveJournal community "slayerscontest" in response to the "Family Secrets" challenge.

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