Fanart! Is there anything better? Well, maybe Fanfics... if they're good. ^_~
To tell the truth, when I first started kicking around the internet, looking for Team Rocket fanart, I noticed one thing in particular: a lot of the artists were really bad. So when I started looking at Xel & Fil sites, I tended to shy away from the fanart. But one day, maybe I was bored, maybe I was curious, but I looked at some fanart. And y'know what? I liked it! So I made my own little fanart page, for my piccies! Here we go!

A pic I drew when inspired by listening to Pat Benetar's "Hell is for Children"

Another inspired by song lyrics, these to Valgaav's image song "Only Lonely Soldier"

Oh no! Looks like Filia's become Mie, the Flower Spirit from Jungle de Ikou!

A pic of Xellos and Filia in Team Rocket *from Pokemon* outfits.

A pic I made near the end of school when all I had was a purple colored pencil to draw with.

The same as before, only this time it's drawn with red colored pencil

Xel and Fil firing Galveria

Don't they look like two little kids in this pic?

A poster of sorts I made for my fic "Cursed Blood".

Another poster-like pic I did, this one being for the second chapter of "Cursed Blood".

Third in a series of poster pics, this one for the third chapter of Cursed Blood.

For those of you wondering "What the Hell?" when you look at the page's background pics, here's the non-altered version.

A picture I thought I put up a long time ago, officially dubbed "The Almighty No Sex Wall Scroll".

Inspired by an odd discussion on my mailing list, who is better for Valgaav: Nagha or Sylphiel?

Has anyone ever noticed how all the villians of the series seem to like Filia a whole lot?

Sometimes I've noticed that Xellos and Gambit act a lot alike...

Lina blowing up a Trans Am, from Irony-chan's fic, Slayers: Reprise.

Slayers in the Ghetto! Li'l Fil and MC Hammer of Justice!

I'll admit I'm weird, but this is my image of Cephied and Shaburanigdo. I know I'm strange.

Xel and Fil in a weird 50's sitcom world...

The new background for the 3.0 version of the page...

A pic inspired by the Micheal the Red Priest snuff fic and listening to Red Rain by Peter Gabriel too damned much!

I deserve something... really really bad for this. Because this is what happens when you find out a certain voice actor did a certain voice in one of your favorite video games. (And no, it wasn't Eric Stuart - the game is Silent Hill 4, by the way)

Slayers Tarot Cards
These are some Slayers Tarot cards I made in colored pencil. The lines on the edges aren't all straight ~ I didn't have a straight edge ~ and some of them are kinda fuzzy-looking because they're in colored pencil. But they're still Hella pretty, in my opinion at least. ^_^

Card I: "The Priest", Xellos, of course ~ one hand pointing to heaven, the other to hell.

Card II: "The Priestess", Filia, holding a manuscript.

Card III: "The Empress", Lina, lounging on a throne with twelve stars in the background night sky.

Card IV: "The Emperor", Gourry, on his own throne, holding Hikari no Ken.

Card VI: "The Lovers", a card which typically stands for a choice between opposites, and is generally pictured as a man either choosing between two women or an angel and a woman. You can see what I used for this one. ^_~

Card VII: "The Chariot", Zelgadis, riding a chariot with a black horse and a white one.

Card XI: "Justice", Amelia, obviously, holding a balance.

Card XVI: "The Tower", a card typically denoting ruin and chaos. My version is Valgaav, holding Ragun Vazegus, against a backdrop of flame.