Chibi Team... Sadism!?

Name: Crystal Dawn Phoenix
Other known aliases: SailorN1, Schoen-chan, SchoenSchoen, CD, Moses, Shijiko, Lady Dawn, and "Dear God, not in the face!"
Age: 23
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Favorite stone: Amethyst
Other web pages: Goldie's Lighthouse My now shut-down Team Rocket page. It's cute, I like it.
Things you like: Arachnophilia *it makes these lovely pages you see before you. Heavy sarcasm implied*, The Sims *I have a li'l Sim Filia that's constantly crying because Sim Xellos picks on her, if that's any indication*, male anime characters with chili-bowl-cut purple hair *Xellos, James/Kojiro. Yes, I'm a sad, sad person*, anything raspberry *raspberry ice cream does not exist, I'm sure of it*, ice cream *my new food obsession @_@*, tea *ahhh, sweet nectar of caffine. It also helps me to cope with disturbing fanfics and avoid psychotic episodes induced thereof*, ANGST *I'm so damn morbid, sometimes I wonder why I'm not Goth*, comedy *maybe that's why?*, eBay *I'm quickly developing a large stockpile of odd Xellos and Filia merchandise... mostly pencilboards and ink stamps, along with the occasional action figure. O_o*, romance *I've been Rocketshipping so damn long that I can find ANY trace of anything that might be considered even remotely indicitive of romantic inclination between anime characters. Hence, this web page. "Oh my GAWD! Jesse's underwear are the same color as James' athelete's foot! They were meant to be!" See?*, ano hito that I keep mentioning all over my LiveJournal (err, 'that guy' - my boyfriend), Auryn *my fellow Sim-player, whom I've known online for at least the past five years*, doujinshi/fan comics *particularly hentai. Ask me for scans. ^_~*, scary/creepy/evil video games *Silent Hill and Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne are quickly consuming my life juice*, LiveJournal *my username is 'crystaldawn', if you, too, have an account - it also consumes my life juice O_o*, JournalFen and Fandom_Wank *eeeehehehehehe, yes, I'm part of the Hive Vagina - you have a problem with that? :D*, and anyone/thing I forgot.
Things you don't like: Arachnophilia *it won't upload these pages! I had to d/l a whole seperate program for that! Arrrrgh!*, fanart/fanfic thieves *hey, at least I admit when I steal ideas!*, Anti-shippiness *c'mon guys, you could at least be ambivilant instead of "There is no, nor should there ever be romance between said anime characters". Lighten up*, too much yaoi *some's okay, but hell, even I see something inherently wrong with a fling between Xellos and Zelgadis!*, getting outbid on eBay *you outbid me, you feel my wrath. Well, not really, but I still hate it*, a distinctive lack of Xellos and Filia fanfiction *(sob) write more, people! I know you can!*, people who complain about Fandom_Wank *really, guys, it's all in good fun - I've been on there, too*, and various, tedious, other random junk that sorely irritates me.
Favorite anime/manga/games: *deep breath* Here goes: Slayers *well, DUH. I love all the characters (yes, even Amelia), but especially Xellos. And Filia. ^_^ Gee, maybe THAT'S why I'm paying for web space, neh?*, Cutey Honey *yes, I'm a sick pervert, but it IS interesting to watch. ^_^*, Revolutionary Girl Utena *a show with nothing but bisexual bishounen in various states of dressed and undressed. How can you NOT love it?*, Fruits Basket *ANNNNNNGSSSSTTTT... in a cute, fluffy wrapper! :D*, Weiß Kreuz *Florists by day, assassins by night! What? No, really, that's the premise. Stop laughing!*, Hot Gimmick *ahahahahaha, date rape. And sadly, that's all I can think of to put there*, and Silent Hill *particularly the fourth one - I'm still wading through the other three - because Walter still makes me scream like a little girl*.
Why do you have so many anime?: I have no life, shut myself away in a little room during my free time, have a horrible *yet good-paying* job, and am an anti-social hermit, whose only release is through the imaginary wanderings of anime characters.
How did you get so many anime?: I have no life, shut myself away in a little room during my free time, have a horrible *yet good-paying* job, and am an anti-social hermit, whose only release is through the imaginary wanderings of anime characters.
Why do you have so many odd *yet facsinating* collectables?: I have an odd knack for finding stuff on eBay, at the mall, at comic shops, etc, etc. I also have a friend who has a knack for finding said same odd garbage. And I'm an anti-social hermit, as stated previously. Maybe THAT'S why I spent $40 on that Filia and Xellos doujinshi that wasn't even hentai? *kicks self*
Why do you like villians so much?: Because they're saxier! *points out Zagato, Magneto, Sinister, Sabretooth (notes that she is very lame for thinking SABES is saxy), Valgaav (much drooling), Akio, Touga (more drooling), Kaworu (voiced by the same seiyu who does Xellos in the Japanese. O_o), Rezo, Xellos (is he REALLY a villian, though? O_o Well, he's a saxy Mazoku bi-yotch, so he counts. I guess), Schwarz (nothing says saxy like a stupid green trenchcoat, bay-bee!), and Walter (nothing says saxy like a stupid blue trenchcoat, bay-bee!)*
Have you sought professional help?: Nope! XD And just think! My job allows me to run nuclear reactors! Joy!

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