Top 10 Reasons Zel & Amelia Wouldn't Work Together...

10. No one wants to marry into royalty, anyway.
9. He's twice her age! I mean, he has to be at least thirty!
8. Zel just called Phibby all those bad names because he didn't like him.
7. Zel is so annoying! Annoying! Annoying! Annoying!
6. There's no real love there, only Zel's baseless lust for Amelia's nubile young body.
5. They remind me too much of Rail & Neena from Lost Universe.
4. His life will be over once he finds his cure, anyway.
3. Amelia & Lina is much more fun! ^_^v
2. Zel was obviously meant for Filia since they both like caffinated drinks so much.
1. The canteen-thing at the end of Try meant nothing! Absolutely nothing!