Top 10 Reasons Xellos & Filia Won't Work Together...

10. She's a dragon and he's a mazoku.
9. Xellos is Zel's love slut anyway.
8. Martina would win in a bitch fight with Filia.
7. Filia's such a slut that she'd destroy their relationship.
6. Xellos was meant to be with Valgaav.
5. Ryuzoku can't love, anyway.
4. They remind me too much of Junpei and Celcia from "Those Who Hunt Elves".
3. Filia would just use him for a sex slave, anyway.
2. Xellos is much better pigeon-holed with other unpopular clerics like Amelia, Sylphiel, and Kopii-Rezo.
1. Even though Filia knows the Supreme Elder lied about the Ancient Dragons and tried to get her offed because she knew too much, she's far too sheepish to go against his teaching enough to even tolerate Xellos.