Top 10 Things Xellos Does on His Day Off....

10) Sliding greased-up midgets underneath Zelgadis' bed, where their frightened chanting will slowly drive him insane.
9) Club-hopping with Almeis, Sirius, and Erlogus.
8) Practicing his omelet making skills in preparation for the fateful day he finally cons Filia into letting him babysit.
7) Taking Filia hostage and submitting her to his will.
6) Inventing new and more innovative ways of freaking Saichuro out.
5) Discount coupons to Haseem's House of Zippered Leather Masks, and gonna use 'em!
4) Attending "Manipulative Bastard" meetings with Akio, Nakago, Gendo, and Touga.
3) Beer run for Juuou-sama.
2) Kneeling before the graven image of Rezo whilst wearing black robes and chanting, "What wilt thou have us do, o Master?"
1) Studying morning glories.