Top 10 Reasons Sylphiel Rules...

10. Useless clerics are so much fun!
9. Her mere existance is a contrived excuse to make Lina realize her true feelings for Gourry.
8. Even dark lords cower in fear at the hushed mention of Sylphiel's dreaded "Flare Carrot".
7. Never has to worry about memorizing her lines since they mostly only consist of "Gourry, dear," "Dear Gourry," and "Oh, Gourry".
6. She looks like Xellos.
5. At least she was only in three episodes of Next.
4. Someone needs to be monster bait.
3. She died in Next.
2. She's less annoying than characters voiced by Kei Araki.
1. Her cardboard-like personality is a nice contrast to Lina's real one and is found by some to be a turn-on.