Top 10 Things We Wanted to Hear In Try

10) "Lord Valgaav is... my own personal Jesus..." ~ Gravos, Episode 9
9) "I have needs of my own, too, y'know... Like a bottle of wine, a nice soft bed, and a submissive dragon bi-yotch..." ~Xellos, Episode 23
8) "That's not how you use guns..." *theme music from "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" plays* ~Zelgadis, Episode 10
7) "Show me your war face! Bullshit! Show me your war face!!!" ~Valgaav, imitating the Drill Sergent from Full Metal Jacket while screaming at Zel, Episode 4
6) "I learned this from Rezo, of course. Along with how to pick locks, hotwire cars, fire semi-automatic weaponry, and defuse bombs. Although I still fail to see how that was going to cure his blindness." ~Zelgadis, when asked where he learned to crack safes, Episode 9
5) "The Gods are against you, Filia...." ~annonymous voice over at the marriage temple, Episode 11
4) "You, who carry the blood of the Golden Dragons... And the bastard child of the Mazoku..." ~Ancient Dragon Elders to Filia, Episode 21
3) "I'm sorry Saichuro, what were you saying? I was too busy submitting my hostage to my will to hear you." ~Xellos, Episode 22
2) "Come, destined lovers! Spin my impossibly rigged Wheel of Destiny to determine who your happy hearted, totally compatable, partner for life will be!" ~Jillas, Episode 11
1) "Filia! Are you riding his baloney pony?!" ~Saichuro, upon seeing Xellos appear at the Sanctuary, Episode 8