Top 10 Reasons to Attend Sailor Moon's Sweet Sixteen Party

10) Jupiter makes a pretty mean rum cake.
9) Mars nearly charbroils the house trying to do a fire reading.
8) Mercury accidentally finds a male porn site on her laptop, contemplates getting out of it, decides to call the rest of the senshi over to see instead.
7) Venus decides to drop the "Goody-Two Shoes" routine, gets drunk off her ass on wine coolers, passes out two hours later.
6) Chibi Usa spikes the punch, everyone gets knocked out cold for 10 minutes while she rummages through their things.
5) The Sailor Senshi realize their ratings are slipping, decide to hike their skirts up another two inches.
4) Lively game of "Nude Crisco Twister" begins when senshi realize Tuxedo Mask is the only guy at the party.
3) Tuxedo Mask shows up wearing a mask, but not a tuxedo.
2) Nasty Boys take over the party, submitting the sailors to their will.
1) Dark Kingdom launches an all out attack on Earth, Sailor Senshi are stunned next morning to find that instead of Juban Middle School, they now attend Queen Beryl Memorial Junior High.