Top 10 Reasons Phibby & Martina Should Get Together...

10. More dynamic relationship than Martina & Zangulus.
9. Good reason to put Zangulus back in the series.
8. Makes more sense than Martina/Xellos relationship.
7. Robs uncreative fanfic writers of the chance to use Martina & Zangulus as their excuse to make dirty jokes.
6. He's a lot older than he looks.
5. She likes giving him piggy back rides.
4. Phibby's reptilian green eyes compliment Martina's mint-green hair nicely.
3. Gives Martina a chance to expand her territory from Xoana to Hell -- although I understand parts of them DO overlap.
2. She dropped him on his bum and continued to breathe.
1. Phibby killed her last.