Top 10 Reasons Lina & Gourry Just Shouldn't Be Together...

10. A Lina/Zel/Xel three-way makes much more sense.
9. There's no evidence beside that whole "returning from the dead" thing at the end of Next to support it.
8. Gourry is secretly a Harvard scholar, and thus too smart for Lina.
7. Lina's not popular enough for Gourry, so she should be pigeon-holed with other non-popular characters like Zel, Xellos, and Gaav.
6. The dynamics of a Zel/Gourry relationship work so much better.
5. It's so cliche. The dumb-as-a-rock hero and bottomless pit girl thing has been done to death. (Mamoru & Usagi, maybe? O.o)
4. Gourry should be with Nagha since he's apparently too dumb to appreciate a girl without a nice rack.
3. Gourry is secretly in love with Zangulus.
2. Lina's such a player and/or slut that she'd only break his heart.
1. Sylphiel is much more interesting than homely little Lina, anyway.