Top 10 Reasons Nagha Belongs with Gaav...

10. They're the same height.
9. Nagha's far too homely and her intelligence far too intimidating for a lesser man than Gaav to handle her.
8. Yaoi disturbs me.
7. Valgaav would love to have such a busty "step-mom". Why else do you think he was reborn to Filia?
6. It would make Lina jealous.
5. Threesomes with Valgaav always a plus.
4. No matter how rough Gaav gets, Nagha will always bounce.
3. I drew their names out of the hat together.
2. Only Nagha can bring a dark lord to his knees by *laughing*.
1. Gaav's just a slut no matter how you look at it.