Top 10 Reasons Filia Sucks...

10. She's a lying Golden Dragon.
9. She helped Kill Valgaav.
7. She successfully thwarts being conveniently pigeon-holed with Valgaav by adopting him.
6. She's keeping Xellos and Lina apart.
5. She's keeping Xellos and (insert favorite character name -here-) apart.
4. She's not as cool with Xellos as Martina was.
3. The tea thing is just stupid.
2. Her dub actor has an un-memorable voice, so unlike Crispin Freeman or Eric Stuart, she is easy to attack for the purposes of seeming to be a better otaku who is so effluent that they only watch subs.
1. She occupied Xellos' attention for the entire 3rd season, causing him to completely ignore Lina, Zel, and Amelia.