Top 10 Reasons Asuka Sucks

10. Unit 02 sucks next to orange Unit 00.
9. Her Eva is too damned dependable.
8. She dares think that Gendo would bother extending the same courtesy of saving her downed Eva in a fight as he does for Rei.
7. She hates Rei for the soulless puppet she is.
6. Her fight scene in EoE sucked.
5. She's always competing with the male star, and everyone knows a helpless girl should never do that.
4. She's a liability because she has a period.
3. She's a bitch, she's a lover, she's a child, she's a mother, she's sinner, she's a saint, and she does not feel ashamed.
2. She keeps Rei and Shinji apart (even though it's tantamount to incest) and she keeps Misato and Shinji apart (even though it's tantamount to statutory rape).
1. She thinks she has an excuse to be screwed up just because her mother hung herself while she watched when she was four. Wuss.