Top 10 Reasons Amelia Sucks...

10. Her innocent optimism provides too much contrast to Zel's jaded ANGST or Lina's greedy self-interest.
9. She constantly glomps Zel and hangs onto him for dear life, regardless of it flattering him.
8. She keeps spilling tea in Zel's lap... no, wait. That's Neena.
7. Someone has to be the scapegoat.
6. Her character development from half-wit sidekick to capable young woman left many long-time fans feeling betrayed.
5. She's keeping the wonderful couple of Zel and Xel apart.
4. She's keeping Zel and (insert favorite character name -here-) apart.
3. She just couldn't take the hint the magical wedding balls gave her.
2. Her differences compliment Zel too well.
1. Everyone else hates her.