Top 10 Excuses for Alt-shippyness...

10. Mazoku are attracted to power, therefore Xellos must love Lina.
9. Amelia's annoying.
8. Lina needs someone to provide her with intelligent, stimulating conversation other than "Time to punish some bandits!", "Let's eat!", and "FireBALL!"
7. Gourry's too stupid to be with Intellectual Lina and can't really appreciate her because of her small breasts.
6. Gourry and Sylphiel make such a cute couple!
5. Lina abuses Gourry.
4. Amelia's annoying.
3. Filia belongs with Valgaav, even though he's now her son and it's tantamount to incest.
2. Gourry and Sylphiel are both dumb as bricks and don't mind being pigeon-holed together.
1. Amelia's annoying.