Sim Skins!

How many times have you been sitting there playing the sims and thought, "Damn, I wish I had a Xellos or Filia sim to muck about with!" Well, guess what, kiddies! Thanks to boredom, several uninterrupted hours of Sim playing *yes, now you know why I've not produced anything readable in several, several months ~_~*, and that amazing new beverage known as Bomba, now you, too, can experience the joy of playing your very own Filia and Xellos sims! And as a special added bonus, we've also thrown in an Amelia and Valgaav for you to torment... errr... play with!

To play these sims, all you need do is download their bitmaps from this site and put them in your Sims/GameData/Skins file, and the game should do the rest.
All the skins happen to be on female frames *I couldn't get the hair I wanted on a guy frame - Sim Show is so freakin' impossible*, but if you have the Expansion packs, that shouldn't hinder any romantic interactions you feel like inflicting upon your poor Sims. So, yes, technically, Xellos and Valgaav *and Zelgadis and Gourry, whenever I make them* will be female Sims. I don't think they really look all that feminine, so it doesn't really matter, does it? ^_^
These skins don't come with accompanying 3-D meshes to make their hair poofier, Filia's earrings, Valgaav's horn, etc, etc. There are two reasons for this: 1) we don't have a means of making them and 2) meshes crash both the comps in the house, the G-3 Mac and my Windows 98 PC. Seeing that the meshes are compatable with neither computer, we really wouldn't want to give anyone anything to download that they couldn't use. ^_^;;
The Skins

Damn, this place is EMPTY!
This is the Xellos sim. Ain't he a cutie?
Click here for his body
Click here for his head

Damn, my hair's HUGE!
Here's Filia! Damn, she was a pain in the ass to do. ~_~

Click here for her body
Click here for her head
Where the @#*& is my paper!?!
Here's Valgaav, for your tormen-- enjoyment...
Here's his body
Here's his head
Oh, no, my hair's blending in with the road again...
Here's Amelia! Coffee-guzzling chimera sold seperately.
Here's her body
Here's her head
Gimme some coffee, dammit!
Here's Zelgadis! Your very own little chimeraling to torment!
Here's his body
Here's his head
If you want to make his hands, please download these four files and put them into your skins folder with the rest of his skin.

If you can help it, please don't change any of the file names, as they are a code that tells the file which body and head it needs to go on in the game.