Who are you most like?

What do you usually wear?
My working uniform, as I have no idea how to dress myself otherwise.
Cloaks are always in style!
Same thing I wear everyday.
I don't need to wear clothes!
Something that leaves very little to the imagination.
A shawl.
What type of underwear do you usually wear?
With what I've got on, I don't need 'em!
A frilly, white merry widow from Fredrick's of Hollywood.
Anything with garters.
A black t-shirt.
Granny panties.
Nothing special, just normal panties.
Underwear? Who needs it!
How are you most likely to die?
Deprived of air and driven insane by "Meta Psychology Syndrome".
By having a spaceship drive into me whilest a moron in a bad jogging suit spouts random references to the Lord of Nightmares.
Die? I have the inability to die!
Killed by my own lackeys.
Eaten by a spaceship.
In glorious combat!
Shot by large men in chicken suits.
What is your favorite type of drink?
Expensive foreign liquor.
Beer. Lots of beer.
Hot tea.
Negative human emotions.
Red wine.
Drink? Who has time to drink? I've got work to do!
What is your idea of foreplay?
Raspberry jam.
A nice whipping and maybe a chase.
Hacking into your lover's database.
Hot tea.
Foreplay? I think I had sex once... Maybe...
Your lover's anguished screams as they give up the very essence of their soul...
What is your goal in life?
To avenge the death of a loved one.
To defend the galaxy from darkness.
To be the best there is at whatever I do!
To kill as many people as I possibly can!
Goal? I'm supposed to have a goal?
To get that special someone to love me... or at least acknowlege my presence...
To bring silence (and latex) to the universe.
What would you do for some spare cash?
Whatever pays best.
Pimping myself out to large men in chicken suits.
Making soft porn videos and selling them online.
Running my very own crime syndicate.
Whatever I don't get fired from!
Assassination is the way to go!
Mending clothes.
What hobby do you most enjoy?
Blowing things up.
Learning foreign languages.
Rambling incoherently.
Destroying the lives of all unfortunate enough to cross my path.
What is your weapon of choice?
Suspiciously lightsabre-ish sword.
Desert Eagle handgun.
Bueracratic red tape and paperwork.
Hot tea.
A whip.
My shiny new particle beam cannon!
My opponant's girlfriend.
I don't like to fight...
Who are you most likely to cosplay as?
Amelia (Slayers)
Nakago (Fushigi Yuugi)
Minnie May (Gunsmith Cats)
Xellos (Slayers Next)
Lina Inverse (Slayers)
Captain Harlock (Arcadia of my Youth)
Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Cosplay? What's that?
Tira Misu (Sorcerer Hunters)
Which of the following best describes you?
Psychotically obsessive.
Utterly evil.